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We’ve made moving to Squidwolf Hosting as easy as a few clicks. We’ve do all the legwork for you and migrate your websites, files, databases, and even mailboxes over to your new service.

Let us do the work

The Squidwolf Hosting Migration Service helps you move from any cPanel host and many others in just a few clicks. We’ll do our best to ensure minimal downtime (just a few minutes) and reduce the risk of data loss compared to manual migration. We can:

  • Move your websites, databases and emails to Squidwolf Hosting automatically.
  • Preserve all folders, files, scripts, emails, databases and other data exactly as-is.
  • Relocate as many or as few services as you wish.
  • Transfer your WordPress websites just by supplying login details.
  • Reduce the risk of data loss and downtime.

Best of all, its free!

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